I'm learning to code!

My coding projects are linked down below. All projects are opening in new windows, so you can easily come back and visit them all :P

Even this coding portfolio is a project in progress, since I'm still learning.
Not all codes here are optimized for all devices. Some may just look as it should on a computer...
When I'm learning more, I will learn to make all my codes available for all devices, but right now are most of them for the computer.


Simple webpage layouts

Tricias coding portfolio * Scribbling Trix * Avoranic Music * Severin Bernard * Norphrus

Profile pages and Cards

Deli & Dalias Card * Tricias profile

Coding playgrounds

Music Media slide * Whimsical Hidden Poems * Tricias learning homepage on Mimo * A Midnight Stars Album

Tricias codes * Treece Design photo gallery * Flip Card

Mimo projects

Coding a profile

Web applications (work in progress)

Scribbling Trix * Simply Avoranic Music


About me

I'm Tricia Johansson and I'm a 27 years old coder from Sweden.
I'm also a musician & composer, cartoonist & designer, and an energy healer & tarot card reader.
I have many fields I have an interest in. This is however my coding portfolio.
I have had an interest for web design since very early in my life,
I think I made my first web page when I was like 11 years old.
But I hadn't built it from scratch, I was just familiar with some codes.

Later in my teenagers I built websites for my arts and music. I used default templates and changed the codes to fit my design.
But I didnt knew how to build a website from scratch. Now I'm learning that using the apps/websites Mimo and SoloLearn.
And here you can follow my progress!

URLs to this portfolio: