Tricias Coding Portfolio

I'm learning to code!

My coding projects are linked down below. All projects are opening in new windows, so you can easily come back and visit them all :P

Even this coding portfolio is a project in progress, since I'm still learning.
Not all codes here are optimized for all devices. Some may just look as it should on a computer...
When I'm learning more, I will learn to make all my codes available for all devices, but right now are most of them for the computer.

Simple webpage layouts

Tricias coding portfolio * Scribbling Trix * Avoranic Music * Severin Bernard * Norphrus

Profile pages and Cards

Deli & Dalias Card * Tricias profile

Coding playgrounds

Music Media slide * Whimsical Hidden Poems * Tricias learning homepage on Mimo * A Midnight Stars Album

Tricias codes * Treece Design photo gallery * Flip Card

Mimo projects

Coding a profile

Web applications (work in progress)

Scribbling Trix * Simply Avoranic Music